Graphic & Packaging
Design Projects


Creation of makeup kit packaging for Mother’s Day 2016. Production and commercialisation in the US, Europe and Japan market.

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2. Macon & Lesquoy

A partnership between Macon & Lesquoy and the Rodin Museum (Paris) on the occasion of the centenary of the death of the artist. (2017)

Creation of patterns incorporating the physical and clothing characteristics of Auguste Rodin as well as some of the

sculptures exhibited in the museum.

The drawings are scaled and lines are drawn (1mm) to reproduce the embroidery of the cannetille (metal spring) which will be sewn thereafter. Once approved by the team as well as by the museum, the samples are sent to prototyping.

I photographed and edited all final objects and packaging.

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3. La Prestic Ouiston

Creation of patterns for the ready-to-wear winter 17/18 collection.

This collection focuses mainly on the combination of colourful and detailed patterns ( sea, french heritage, mythology themes). Although these are very different, all can associate, whether through a single piece or by combining.

I worked closely on the patterns and association of colours and I participated in the pattern cutting stage.

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