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The Rug Project

Creation of handmade and sustainable rugs

As a Product Designer, I like to see my project evolving from 2D to 3D.

There is something fascinating in starting with a simple drawing and ending with an actual product.


During Lockdown, I left London to go live in Normandy. My creativity was boosted by being surrounded by nature, and the urge to "make" came naturally to me.

As a sustainability concerned Designer, it was the perfect occasion to try producing an object using the cleanest materials possible.

I have always been attracted to textile and weaving in particular. However, this time I wanted to challenge myself in learning a new craft by being self-taught. I then decided to learn how to make rugs.

I source my yarn from a local wool mill where they dye the wool using natural processes. The yarn I am working with is 100% sheep wool.

I am also using some cotton fabrics and Latex glue ( Latex can help replace polluting materials such as leather and plastics).

I am currently about to start a collaboration with a French duo called Blue & Pastel. Aurore and Pascal, the two associates want to reintroduce the culture of pastel in Normandy (France). This plant, which is also called waide or woad, is bluffing since a midnight blue pigment is obtained from its green leaves. This promising project, with a strong environmental impact, is at the experimental stage. It provides for the establishment of an extraction unit for a blue pigment and oil, from biomass (Pastel) in Normandy.

I am currently leading some experiments using the plant to dye my wool as well as some material research to understand if I could use the plant fibres in the rug fabrication process. My goal would be to create rugs only using sustainable materials.

The Rug Project sees famous clients such as MaisonCléo, Louanne as well as French and international clients.


Blue & Pastel project-2021 (Ingoing)