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Prevent, monitor and heal our diseases 


In 2100, diseases have not disappeared but technology and biology are more than ever linked and our skin can now prevent and heal us.

The HYGIE project is a medical prevention system that offers a very personalized follow-up. We have imagined a new technology based on the creation of an intelligent skin that comes to print and adheres to the epidermis.

Innovative, Hygie helps to remove the stress caused by the medical world as well as to remove all material constraints in our daily lives and prevent many diseases.

Technology no longer becomes intrusive but merges with its user and is therefore much better accepted by it.


Project in partnership with © National Geographic Channel

winner of the Jury Award 

Damien Alaux, Alexis Bédé, Clémence Grouin-Rigaux, Léa Kerel

-January 2016

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