Exploring the Future of Urban Mobility

It is previewed that by 2030 home assistants will analyse personal routines and predict working times and destinations. To these predictions, a driverless car will respond and be ready to give commuters a ride to work.

Volking x Volkswagen relies on these technologies not only to exempt future commuters from stressful and overcrowded journeys but also to transform everyday travels into surprising adventures. 


Imagine being transported to the same old workplace but through a different city every time.

What you need is at least two cars moving at the same time but in two different cities. Then you have to replace the windows with some tv screens, find a way to pair the two cars, capture what's being viewed and listened outside one's car, and stream it live onto the other car's screens. And hey, you'll be going to the same old workplace but through a different city each time. 

You could also comment on what you're looking at with the commuters sitting into the car you'll be paired with. And you'll need is an instantaneous translator. But that's pretty doable, right? 

Project for ©Volkswagen by Brenda De Ritis,

Clémence Grouin-Rigaux, Helena Manner, Yao Lai, Gina wang

- March 2018