Exploring the Future of Urban Mobility


Volking is designed to introduce commuters to the future possibility of being in two places at the same time and share the magic of the unexpected in order to have fun in a humble and retro way. Like in a Kombi Van, the users travel together towards uncommon realities and build a relationship based on shared experiences. Volking reorganization of the habitual commuting journeys, let worldwide “Volks” swap their daily routine, stop thinking about reality and share a virtual dream happening to someone new somewhere else.


In order to please and help people organise their daily commitments, 2030 home assistants will analyse personal routines and predict working times and destinations. Since urban mobility is going to be more and more based on predictable journeys, Volking is meant to be linked to the aforesaid technology. 


Volking wants to preserve those treats that usually connotate a car ride. Among the most important there is the radio. There’s magic hidden in the music when listened in motion. A live radio can be part of the routine of someone else. Why not considering to exporting it too in 2030? 


Thanks to the worldwide commuters’ habitual journeys, commuting volks can dispose of a Volking car that can both bring them to their real destinations and get them entertained by virtually swapping their driving routine with someone else’s in the world. 


Every car is engineered with internal microphones that can constantly recreate the auditive experience of some other car in the world. Moreover, future smell detectors referring to a database of worldwide perfumes can also complete the credibility of the atmosphere with live ambient fragrancing coming from somewhere else.


Thanks to an instantaneous portal inside of the car that can be activated through a very “humble” movement inspired by the usual elbow tap, people in different cars can talk about the shared experience and ask information regarding what they are watching to the natives of the place they are pared with. Moreover, because of the future possibilities of simultaneous translation, every interaction barriers will be erased. 


Volking system is a new way to “travel” and be entertained through a driverless car towards unusual places. Thanks to the volking net, every wagen in the world is linked to each other and pared randomly in order to leave to the experience that spirit of surprise that always transforms travel in an adventure. The second the volking car starts moving, it is considered by the system as a possible car to pare with another one somewhere else in the world. The car is equipped with multisensorial devices that give the users the feeling to be really transported somewhere else. What someone should normally see from the car windows is captured by live cameras positioned outside the vehicle and displayed on someone else’s “window” and vice-versa.